Conservation of the traditional architecture in the Geopark area06/08/2019

The Rock plateay has change dramatically every day with its efforst over the year. Besides the changing achievements of socio-economic life, there still have some values that are at risk of being eroded, which is traditional architecture. The first of being eroded, which is traditional architecture. The first manifestation is the traditional roofing of yin anf yang tiles in village that have been gradually replaced by cement checkered and is now the trend of corrugated iron. Previously built house with traditional stone fences are gradually being replaced by house with bricks made of stone powder,…


A Mong village in Dong Van district is changing with roofs of cement and corrugated iron roofs next to the traditional tile roof houses

New materials have advantages such as fast construction, convenience, even at cheaper construction costs. However, there are limitations, such as houses built in new style are not warm in winter, and in summer, they are not as cool as traditional house because of thin walls, non-insulated construction materials with earthen walls, non-insulated construction materials with earthen walls, yin and yang roofs. One of the hallmarks of the change of traditional building architecture in the area of Rock Plateau is the loss of tile kilns that seem to be the last shutdown of a kiln in Na Khe and Yen Minh commune nearly 10 years ago. Next, the formation of a lot of stone crushing facilities, producing bricks made of stone powder appears in many places in the area of four districts.

It is eary to feel that the villages with houses built from new materials are more fragile, not cozy with traditional roof tile house. In particular, in the hamlets adhering to the passing car routers, the change is more pronounced by new materials that are easy to transport. Going into the hamlets, it is still possible to encounter traditional roolfs, but it seems that the new construction trend will gradually erase the image of traditional roofs of yin and yang tiles, walls and stone fences. Even in border areas, a lot of households have taken home architecture of foreigners to build the same.

When Dong Van Rock Plateau became a Global Geopark, implementing the Recommendations of Network Expert, from 2010 up to now, we have tried to conserve, build and develop a  lot of valeus and heritage on this special land, in which there is the preservation of indigenous traditional cultural values to promote heritage values for regional development, including tourism development.


The tile-making profession in the rock plateau is now lost

In Conclusion Notice No. 141/TB-UBND, dated 8/6/2018 of Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee – Mr. Nguyen Van Son, after the inspection trip, working in 4 northern highland districts, in the field of conservation, Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee has directed the maintenance of activies of folk music festivals of ethnic groups; to formulate village management conventions, house and cultural houses in the area must be associated with traditional architecture, propose support policies, especially Cultural village of community tourism of ethnicity (such as roofing with yin and yang tile, stone fence)…

In fact, over the past time, we have paid attention to preserving traditional architecture on the Rock Plateau. A number of cultural tourism community villages such as Lo Lo Chai, Lung Cu anf Dong Van communes; Cultural village of community courism of Mong ethnic groups in Pa Vi and Meo Vac communes; Lung Cam upper village, Sung La and Dong Van commune, Nam Dam village, Quan Ba commune, Quan Ba district. A wide range of traditional architectures are preserved such as Sa Phin palece, Dong Van ancient market street or a lot of guest houses, private restaurants have focused on the traditional design and contruction. Even a picture board of information on Geopark built by Management Board of Dong Van Karst Plateau UNESCO Global Geopark at a lot of points in the Park is also designed to simulate traditional architecture on the Stone Plateau.

Sharing with us, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Giang, Deputy Head of Management Board of Dong Van Karst Plateau UNESCO Global Geopark said that preserving traditional cultural and architectural values is very necessary for the rock park. There is currently no policy to support people with traditional materials to build houses. Thereby, it is necessary to draw the attentionof the Party Committee and district authorities in the Park in proposing and adsiving the province to develop policies to support adnd help people in the process of building and using traditional materials; need to promote propaganda on this issue. In the immediate future, it is necessary to focus on promoting the traditional architecture in Cultural village of community tourism in association with the construction of new rural areas in the localities and tourist sites, step by step preserving the traditional values and identity of region.

Huy Toan