Dong Van karst plateau UNESCO global geopark organized activities to respond to the Earth Day 201911/05/2019

The Earth Day (April 22) was recognized by the United Nations in 2009, becoming an annual event held by the world with the aims of recognizing the Earth’s natural environmental values and calling for active participation of each individuals to join hands to protect our planet.


From April 20 to May 10, 2019, the Management Board of Dong Van Karst Plateau UNESCO Global Geopark coordinated with some districts in the Geopark area to organize activities to respond to the Earth Day 2019. This morning, April 22, schools in 4 districts in Geopark area have arganized a series of propaganda on the Earth Day to raise awareness about the preservation and promotion of heritage values of Dong Van Karst Plateau UNESCO Global Geopark with the participation of administrators, all students and numerous local people. After the ceremony, the movement of garbage collection and environmental sanitation was launched in the entire campus and residential areas.


The People’s Committee’s of districts in the Geopark area have carried out a series of garbage collection activities, environmental sanitation along roads, agencies, units, residential groups, residential areas and at some heritage sites to prepare for events and festivals taking place during the holidays of April 30 and May 1 in Dong Van Karst Plateau UNESCO Global Geopark. Activities have drawn attraction of the partivipation of numerous agencies, unions, youth union membersm teachers and people in the Geopark area.

Activities for responding to the Earth Day with the goal of raising awareness and understanding for the whole community about harmful effects of plastic waste on the earth, the economy and people’s health, thereby promoting active participation of all people, organizations, youth, students, pupils to change behaviors and actions in the use of plastic or plastic material.

The Vinh