Nam Dam tourist village – new and potential direction12/12/2018

On the way to Dong Van Karst Plateau UNESCO Global Geopark, we can not miss the Dao Cham cultural village, a tourist attraction in Nam Dam village (Quan Ba commune, Quan Ba district) – one of the four districts of the geopark.

In the past, when this “rocky” area was not a popular tourist destination, there was only three households in a family dared to start with homestay program. Until now, there have been 13 households starting their own businesses with homestay service meeting the needs of tourists. Besides, there are many other households building and improving facilities to provide accommodation for tourists. Mr. Ly Tien Thang is one of the first families develop homestay service who have built new facilities with traditional cultural features by decorating, providing many community services and cultural exchanges to a positive interaction between residents and foreign tourists. That helps him generate a stable source of income, creates various jobs for households not participating in tourism as well as promotes community cohesion.


An attractive tourist village

In the past, the village’s income mainly based on agriculture and animal husbandry. Until now, thanks to homestay tourism and the development of medicinal plants, the village’s income has been over 1 billion VND per year. There are many jobs created for the youth in the village, contributing to educating them to preserve their national cultural identity and promote the development of the tourism industry as well as the preservation of cultural and spiritual values through annual activities, performances for visitors together with serving the delegation from other provinces and localities visiting and sharing experience, etc. Currently, in addition to the elderly and the worshipers, a large proportion of local peoplat at all ages can participate in performing traditional arts for visitors through the folk dance with sticks, love singing performances, etc.

Apart from the development of accommodation and food service model, residents in the village tend to offer other services such as experiencing trails to Truc Son village, Nam Son old forest, Thac Nai stream, medicinal herb garden, etc … In addition to the purpose of extending the stay of visitors in the village, those services provide visitors with more practical experience through new views, new spaces and the traditional lives of local residents in Ha Giang with their regular activities such as transplanting, growing corn, harvesting vegetables, also cooking rice…


Ordinary and simple lifestyle of local residents in Nam Dam village

Local children and students will gradually become the guides at their living places preserving and promoting Dao ethnic culture to domestic and foreign tourists. Nam Dam cultural tourism village will be a prominent case study for other villages to develop the same model. We aspire that in the near future, Dong Van Plateau would become a famous tourist destination in the world. Five continents to explore and experience. We wait for you.

Vu Hong Phong