Review of Vietnam Global Geopark Network in 201917/01/2020

         On January 15, 2020, Specialized Sub-Committee OVietnam Global Geopark (under Vietnam National Commission for UNESCO) organized a Conference of Review 2019 and orientations in 2020. The conference was attended by leading scientists in Geological heritage, Geopark and Geopark management boards in Vietnam.

          The conference looked back the achievements in 2019. Despite many difficulties in funding, management and coordination mechanism, the Specialized Sub-Committee of Vietnam Global Geopark has actively supported and participated in the construction work of Geoparks in some localities as well as participated in international activities of Global and Asia-Pacific Geopark Network.


        Regarding the operation orientation in 2020, in addition to technical support for the existing Geoparks, the Specialized Sub-Committee of Vietnam Global Geopark also aims to advise the Government to establish the National Geological Heritage Council to complete the organizational structure of Vietnam Geopark Network. In addition, the Conference also identified the need to develop and submit for issuing a set of criteria, procedures for review and recognition of National Geopark. This is an important stepping stone for provincial Geoparks to prepare documents and practice in order to proactively meet the criteria for Global UNESCO Geoparks.

         In order to conduct activities more effectively, the delegates also enthusiastically discussed issues of education, information, communication to the community, in-depth study of various types of heritage, heritage conservation work; especially, creating revenue sources and diversifying investment sources in order to gradually self-control operation expenditures of geoparks. The scheme of collecting geopark entrance fee is also one of the preferred test missions of Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark in 2020, to help other geoparks to draw experience and expand this model.

         Attending the Conference, Ly Son – Sa Huynh Geopark Management Board asked the Specialized Sub-Committee of Vietnam Global Geopark to continue supporting Quang Ngai in preparation for welcoming UNESCO expert delegation to conduct a field appraisal in July of this year; at the same time, continue to propose the Vietnam National Committee for UNESCO to find a direction to build a consistent management mechanism that is suitable for geoparks in Vietnam and to expand the scope of supporting geoparks in in-deep study of other heritage types.

Management Board of Geopark