Xuan Thu hotel28/08/2014

Motels located next Spring and Autumn new markets Dong Van, the commercial center of Dong Van district. From the Spring and Autumn break up Dong Van ancient town takes only two minutes walk to the ruins panoramic Don Cao Dong Van beautiful valley.

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Panoramic front motels

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Front view from the street slopes motels on the market

By Xuan Thu Board

In the Spring and Autumn Street Lodging away from Ba Thang Hai Street (Highway 4C)

Motels spring collection has a total of 09 rooms including:

03 rooms 02 beds 1.4 meters

06 rooms 02 beds 1.6 meters

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02 bed room 1.4 meters

Xuan Nha suspected Thu6


Xuan Nha suspected Proceeds2

2 bed room 1.6 meters

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The rooms have TV, wardrobe, toilet closed the book will, with hot and cold shower

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Room Price:

 02 bed rooms 1.4 meters Price: 250.000

02 bed rooms 1.6 meters Price: 300.000 VND


Guests will sleep graft surcharges electricity, water.

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Corridors and stairways motels

The services included:

– There is free wifi

– There are hot and cold shower

– There conditioning

– There is room for cars, motorcycles

Other services:

– Rental of motorcycles, automobiles traveling Dong Van Plateau

– Cook rice control family of local dishes, people.

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Reception and motels stairs

With the motto to serve “as a friendly” motels sure we will meet the needs of your resort stay in business these days, traveling in Dong Van.

Contact Details:

Mr Nguyen Van Canh

Tel: 0913431216;

Email: xuanthunhanghi@gmail.com