Introducing the geo-tour routes: Quyet Tien–Quan Ba – Mong village of Thanh Van with traditional skills of wine brewing – Kho My Cave21/01/2014

*Quyet Tien: QuyetTien commune is the gateway to the Dong Van Global Geopark. The natural area covers 59.63 square kilometers. Quyet Tien is known as a popular vegetable supply area of HaGiang in general and of the Geopark in particular. Visitors coming here can get closer to nature, enjoying the vast fields of vegetables or harvesting the vegetables themselves. Quyet Tien is also home to many ethnic groups such as Hmong, Nung, Tay, BoY…The Bo Y community in Quyet Tien is an ethnic minority group living in the Geopark. With unique cultural traits, Quyet Tien offers visitors an opportunity to immerse themselves in the unique traditional festivals, enjoy the tasty cuisines of the area and explore the culture of the Market-Day.

*The town of TamSon: with an area of​​ 12.34 square kilometers and a population of over five thousands people, this town is economic and cultural exchanges central of Quan Ba ​​district. Its system of accommodation, dining and entertainment is being gradually expanded to meet the in creasing demand of tourists.

*ThanhVan: Thanh Van is known for the fermented corn liquor of the Mong ethnic people. Using corn and yeast fermented leaves, ThanhVan traditional wine has a tasty aroma, and the mellow characteristics of a  traditional home-made wine.

*KhoMy cave, Tung Vai commune, is a magnificent work of nature formed over thousands of years, with unique shapes that nature has bestowed on this place.