Breast Mountain (Tam Son town, Quan Ba Communne, Quan Ba districts, Ha Giang province)25/04/2012

Breast Mountain landscape is located in Tam Son town, Quan Ba Communne, Quan Ba districts, Ha Giang province, which is 46 km North of Ha Giang township. After passing the Heaven Gate, visitors could stop and enjoy the Quan  Ba Breast Mountain with 2 “breasts”  which are very charming, even and born naturally. Actually, this is an unique landscape  of Tam Son town, Quan Ba districts as well as of Dong Van – Meo Vac karst plateau geopark. From ths point, Quan Ba field comes to your sight with great impression of low and flat rice paddies that create a spacious view of the “breast pair” with higher position in the air.

Núi Đôi Quản Bạ, Hà Giang Mặt trượt đứt gãy và đới dăm kết vôi ở Quản Bạ

According to geologists, Breast Mountain is made of Dolomite which was weather beaten and rolled by wind and water, making the mountain slope down evenly. Dolomite stone is weather beaten by wind and water and broken up by itself into sand and grit which are easily drifted by water and its weight from the peak to base in rainy season. Especially, it takes a special part in forming the peaks of the Breast Mountains in particular and other mountais in general. There are also many rock fissures with diverse direction which make the stone destruction easiers.

Breast Mountains belong to Quaternary dated back 1.6 to 2 million years. Apart from the Breast Mountain, there are some older cone hills which are formed similarly such as there hills in Tam Son town as a clear example.

Breast Mountain landscape was designated a National Landscape Monument on 16th November

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