Code of conduct for tourist in Dong Van geopark15/05/2017


Clothes should be polite and suitable with the places of interests, especially solemn places such as temples, pagoda, traditional festival…


2.1.      Respect for cultural traditions, customs and practices of the locals

2.2.      Promote the safety of yourself and companions when visiting traveling on mountain pass, climbing mountains, trees, swimming in the rivers and streams…)

2.3.      Restrain from actively shaking hands, hugging other people of the opposite sex, or rubbing children’s heads

2.4.      Turn off the mobiphone in religious places

2.5.      Conssciously maintain security, order, and protect the public property

2.6.      Respect, support and prioritize the erderly, the disabled, children and women

2.7.      Always stand in line when taking place in activities in public places

2.8.      Consumming beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages at a contralled level

2.9.      Save electricity, water, keep appliances when using the services

2.10. Do not make noise or talk too loud that affects the people around

2.11. Only taking photos of individuals and family’s landcapes upon the consent of the people in region

2.12. Do not bargain with local people when making direct purchases with them


3.1.      Be aware of protecting the landscapes and natural environment

3.2.      Do not litter or spit. Go to the toilet at prescribed places and voluntarily pay the sanitary fees

3.3.      Do not pick up flowers, break twigs, stamp on grasses or tease the pets of the people

3.4.      Do not write, draw, carve on statues, stele, trees, geological heritages

3.5.      Do not take or buy from local people: stone, wild plants, long-term fruit trees as souvenirs


4.1.      Make sure that you are allowed to be present at those places

4.2.      Stand up to greet other people at any places

4.3. Ask for permission befor taking photos, especially when taking photos inside temples with statues

4.4.      When award (or give something) to someone, please use both hands or your right hand

4.5.      Do not point at something. Instead, use your right hand, open your hand with the palm facing the ceiling.