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School exchange program between Dong Van Karst Plateau UNESCO Global Geoparks, Vietnam and Mine Akiyoshidai Karst Plateau Geopark, Japan
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On December 19, 2023, a school exchange program was organized at Pai Lung primary and secondary school in Meo Vac district, Ha Giang province, between students from the Dong Van Karst Plateau UNESCO Global Geopark in Vietnam and students from the Mine Akiyoshidai Karst Plateau Geopark in Japan. The program is given via a digital platform.

         The program was attended by leaders of the management boards of the two Geoparks, representatives from Meo Vac district's departments, school board, teachers, and students from Mine Sieryo Secondary School and Pai Lung Primary and Secondary School.

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The students from Pai Lung Primary and Secondary School's traditional performance

         The program is implemented based on the criteria and recommendations of the Global Geopark Network (GGN) on international cooperation and participation with the Network; Implement well the content "Organizing joint educational programs" in the memorandum of understanding signed by the two Geoparks. During the program, students from the two Geoparks have talked and shared information about about the Geopark and heritage sites.

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The oral presentation from students of Pai Lung Primary and Secondary

          Students of Mine Sieryo Secondary School gave presentations on the subject of "Community Revitalization through using Agricultural Products of Mine." The children at Mine Geopark created it, and they also took the initiative to share it with the students at Pai Lung Primary and Secondary School. The presentation "Introducing the Geopark and heritage sites of Dong Van Karst Plateau" by Pai Lung students helped Sieryo pupils get an understanding of Dong Van's amazing landscapes and unique heritage.

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         The program helped students get more more interesting understanding about the Geopark. The exchange of information and practical experience between students from the two Geoparks is a significant contribution, a significant step forward in raising awareness on Geopark for future generations.

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