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Fairy Bosom - Quan Ba District
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         In a vast area of rugged limestone suddenly emerges a pair of rounded, well-balanced hills due to the action of equal erosion in all directions. In addition to their romantic beauty, the "Fairy Bosom" also offers very significant scientific and educational values because of its unique formation mechanism and its rare form. 

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Fairy Bosom

(Photo by: Dinh Quang Trung)

          "Fairy Bosom" is associated with a legend of love between a handsome Mong man and a beautiful Fairy named Hoa Dao (peach blossom). Their love gave birth to a child but, as Heaven and Earth could not be together, the Fairy had to leave soon thereafter. Feeling pity for the husband who had to raise the child alone, and for the child who lacked his mother’s breast milk, the Fairy left her breast on Earth. Legend goes on that thanks to the Fairy’s milk, the local climate is very cool, the plants, fruits and flowers are tasty all year round. Her tears turned into the bluish Mien River, which dreamingly embraces the land behind the legendary Heaven Gate. The fertile fields here change their seasonal colours similarly to the way the Fairy changes her dresses: green shirt - when the rice fields are young; gorgeous yellow - when the rice is ripe; brown - when the new plowing time starts etc., but the Fairy Bosom is always full of vitality.

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