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Dong Van French Fortress
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Dong Van French Fortress is a unique historical heritage from the French colonial period in North Vietnam. The Fortress was built by the French Army in the late nineteenth century - beginning twentieth century next to the Dong Van Old Town, on top of the highest limestone peak of Dong Van district (1,213m asl) to control the entire region. It is usually known by the local people as Don Cao - the High Fortress.

         The name Don Cao is to distinguish it from Don Thap - the Low Fortress, which together formed a complex of defensive structures. At present, there is still a section of Don Thap preserved in the area of the Dong Van District People's Committee.

         In addition to its historical value, Dong Van French Fortress is also a unique artificial geosite as it was built from two types of heritage rocks of the Dong Van UNESCO Global Geopark. The walls of the Fortress were built from Fusulinid limestone and all loop-holes were roofed with Cherry-red veined limestone. Additionally, there are 97 Fusulinid limestone steps along the walls leading to the top of the Fortress. 

          Nowadays, from the top of Dong Van French Fortress, visitors will be able to observe a unique 360° panorama including the entire Dong Van Town, from Tu San Mt., where the insurgent army of Sung Mi Chang established their base for fighting against the French, to the Si Phai Pass geosite of international significance, and several other important heritages of the Geopark.

Management Board of Dongvan Geopark

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