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Traditional Hmong House in Meo Vac
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In Meo Vac Town there is a traditional Hmong’s house called Chung Pua House” (Auberge de Meo Vac). Chung Pua is the old name of a village of the White Hmong who have settled in Meo Vac Town for about 300 years.
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         According to the elderly, in the old time the Chung Pua villagers lived in Hmong traditional houses, which, over time, were gradually replaced by modern houses. There remain now only two old houses that are over a hundred years old. Like other traditional Hmong houses, the "Chung Pua House" is a complete architectural complex. Surrounding the house is a stone fence, in the middle is the yard paved with stone plates. The house itself is three-compartment with mezzanine; the walls made from compacted earth; roof covered with yin-yang tiles; doors are low and, like the mezzanine and stairs, made from local wood. The bases of entrance and columns are made from limestone, nicely carved and decorated with such patterns as phoenix with the peony, sow with taro, dragon with pearl, dancing lion, lotus leaf, chain of daisy flower, Chinese “longevity” character etc. This architectural style is very adaptable to extreme weather conditions in the Dong Van UNESCO Global Geopark, and in line with Hmong traditional customs.

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         The “Chung Pua House” used to belong to the family of Mr. Vang Mi Si but its ownership is now transferred. The new owner has restored it to preserve the Hmong’s traditional architecture and culture and is running community tourism (homestay) since 2013. Visitors to this house will not only rest after long trip, enjoy unique scenery but also learn about the indigenous culture and architecture in Meo Vac. They can also enjoy the second old house, which was located just about one hundred meters apart, restored but at the same time equipped with additional modern rooms in the garden.

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